The Rise of Modern Co-Living Spaces

What is Co-Living?

Co-living is the trend of living with many other people in one space that encourages its residents to work and interact together. With a lot of young people moving to expensive cities in search of new opportunities, co-living has become the answer to affordable and modern housing facilities. Residents with shared interests, ideas, intentions and values share a large living space where they’re almost like a big family.

The concept of co-living is built on the grounds of openness and collaboration with community residents sharing similar mindsets and values. The housing is based on a system of shared economy. Where the residents have their own bedroom and bathroom but will have shared common spaces. At The Hub Bengaluru — every resident is given the choice of choosing between double sharing rooms or private rooms with attached bathrooms. The rooms are furnished with television, mini-fridge and storage area and have common kitchen and laundry areas.

This design of community living is designed by keeping the young working professionals in mind. The rent of a co-living space will vary depending on the city you live in but the cost is cheaper than traditional rent as expenses are shared between residents making it an economical choice.

Why is Co-Living so popular?

The rise of co-living comes from factors such as amenities provided and the enjoyment of living with others who share similar interests. It also comes from the fact that many people want to be around others. People with such interests choose to live with like-minded individuals. The benefits include a sense of belonging, community support, group activities and workshops.

Currently, co-living is most appealing to the younger generation who don’t want to be tied down by a lease and have a flexibility to move from place to place. There is often no lease agreement and it is a good fit for people who move from place to place for professional or personal reasons. At The Hub, we offer short term and long term stays and the residents are required to send in a notice period of 45 days before check out. Only minimum commitment is required.

Co-living spaces are just starting out and the concept is completely new to many people, so concerns regarding safety, scams and practicality are completely valid. New concepts can become the standard. Co-living is not just an housing model but it has become a solution for younger generations.




Online Creative Community Building Platform for Virtual Events. Offline, we provide spaces for Co-living, Co-working & Events! 🏠

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The Hub Bengaluru

The Hub Bengaluru

Online Creative Community Building Platform for Virtual Events. Offline, we provide spaces for Co-living, Co-working & Events! 🏠

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