Meet the Founder: Azaan Sait

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After a brief first post, we at The Hub Bengaluru are back with another story for y’all to read — and this time, it’s about the founder of The Hub, Azaan Sait.

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You’re Azaan?”

Many a times, when people walk into The Hub and see Azaan Sait; they don’t immediately realize that this 23-year-old boy with a perpetually smiling face is the founder of such a huge, successful startup.

A Bangalore boy through-and-through, Azaan attended school at the renowned Bishop Cottons’ Boys’ School till he was in the fifth grade and then shifted schools to Bangalore International School to complete his education. His business acumen began to show itself even in those early days when he started Youth for Youth- Adopt Your Doppelgänger, a non profit network that connects like minded kinds in International schools with orphaned children in underfunded local orphanages in Bangalore city. He also graduated high-school with most number of awards anyone could bag: Most Enterprising Student, Best CAS Service Award, Best All-rounder, and the biggest honour; The Principal’s Award. He was the Valedictorian speaker at grad. (You know that one kid we all envied who was popular AND smart AND had fun in high-school? Yeah, that was him.)

After graduating high-school, Azaan went on to pursue studies in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at The Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. While at USC, he studied worked for numerous startups including Zirx, General Assembly, and NYCA Venture Capital. He was also very involved in life at the university; playing roles of the Director of Logistics at Startup Equinox (the largest student based entrepreneurship organization on campus) and the Co-President of the USC Entrepreneurship Club. He also partied. A lot. Fun fact: while doing all this, he also graduated with honours on the Dean’s list. ( I know, we’re all green-eyed monsters *sigh*)

Once grad was over, our dear Bangalore-boy came back home — that’s right; to Bangalore. A new chapter of his life was about to begin but he wasn’t quite sure as to how or when things would pan out. He travelled to LA and New York for inspiration and spent close to a year trying to figure out what exactly he was going to do. In December of 2016, however, Life worked its magic and things fell into place- The Hub Bengaluru was born. Many initial struggles, scrapes and bruises later; Azaan Sait is now a known and successful entrepreneur whose co-living space, The Hub, is running at a 100% occupancy rate.

When asked “What do you believe in, in terms of work ethic?”, Azaan coolly says “Just get it done.” In explanation, he goes on to say “I am not big on enforcing timing and things like work from office and time logs etc. If the work is done, it’s done. It’s simple.” It’s then that it hits you, that this boy is the perfect representation of a successful millennial.

In every sense of the word — what a guy.

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